Important Information

Your duty to answer honestly

You have a duty to take reasonable care not to make any misrepresentations when answering our questions. This means that you need to answer our questions accurately, honestly and completely. This includes checking the information we give you when you apply for, renew or amend a Policy and letting us know if anything’s changed or is inaccurate or incomplete. It’s also important to understand that when you answer our questions, you’re answering for yourself and anyone else to whom the questions apply (such as other listed drivers). We rely on your answers and information to decide whether we can insure you, on what terms and for what Premium. If you don’t take reasonable care in answering our questions or correcting the information, you may breach your duty. If that happens, we may reduce or not pay a claim, cancel your Policy or treat it as if it never existed.

By getting a quote, you agree that the PDS & FSG is made available to you, have read “Your duty to answer honestly” and you have been shown and agree with our Privacy Policy.

Terms of Business

A condition of purchasing our insurance is to share vehicle data with us. We connect to your car to access vehicle data. Our Terms of Business explain your rights and obligations.